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saturday, november 19, 2011 - raleigh, north carolina

Just getting started in web freelancing? Or maybe you're looking for ways to get new clients, be more productive, save money, expand your network, or to develop your ideas in to marketable products? If any of these apply to you, indieconf is for you.

Bermon Painter will guide you through the principles of user experience (UX) design and the history of the education system. Discover how and why user-centered design is so important for the users of your website or web application and how you can help the education in your communities suck a little less.
David Rogers will show you the tricks of the web trade – how to squeeze every ounce of productivity from every day tools, avoid common errors which sap time and money, and ways to get more done faster while keeping your sanity.
mital patel
Internet lawyer Mital Patel shows you how to protect your hard work with the appropriate contracts, avoid common pitfalls, and how to save time and money by doing things right the first time.
Patrick O'Keefe will show you how to leverage Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social web platforms to build your name online. Done correctly, the power of online communities can multiply your marketing efforts, but make one small mistake, and your reputation can be tarnished for years. Learn how to make the most of social media.
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Some blog coverage of indieconf

Damond Nollan did an awesome job of blogging up notes on the sessions he attended at indieconf this past weekend. Damond – thank you!  I’m linking to each of them here.

Publishing as Marketing

From Consulting to Product (Panel Discussion)

7 Inexpensive & Easy Secrets to Build Your Biz

Public Speaking 101

Building Your Name via the Social Web

A Framework for Marketing Success

Low and No Cost Marketing and Public Relations Tools – Tactics & Techniques


If you *weren’t* at indieconf, you missed out on all this, plus another 14 sessions.  Sign up to our linkedin group to keep up with notifications on new indieconf announcements and our plans for next year!

If you *were* there – thank you for making it the success that it was!



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Friday night with Freshbooks

FreshBooks, the leader in online invoicing and bookkeeping, is organizing a pre-conference Friday early evening meetup to be hosted in downtown Raleigh at The Raleigh Forum. Come on down, meet up with some fellow attendees, get to know more about Raleigh’s newest coworking space, and hang out with FreshBooks. Drinks and refreshments will be served.

Things kick off at 5pm and will run till 7ish. The Raleigh Forum is located at 208 S Wilmington Street, Raleigh, NC – map link: (includes list of nearby parking structures).

Many of our speakers will be there to chat with, so if you’d like some one-on-one time with some of our freelancing experts on Friday, this is the place to be.


Thanks to Raleigh Forum and Fre shBooks for hosting and sponsoring this event! Learn more about them at
Raleigh Forum:

If you are unfamiliar with FreshBooks, FreshBooks is planet Earth’s leading online invoicing and bookkeeping service for small businesses. Since 2004, FreshBooks has helped over 3.5 million people take the pain out of billing. Dedicated to designing extraordinary customer experiences, FreshBooks helps people focus on what they love to do, instead of their paperwork. Try it free at

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Speaker Spotlight – Tim Barsness

Tim Barsness (rhymes with “sparseness”, but that’s where the similarities end) will be presenting at indieconf 2011 about “Growing Beyond Indie Work”, detailing his experiences growing his consultancy beyond his lonesome.  Have a listen, then come out and see Tim at indieconf 2011!

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Speaker Spotlight – David Rogers

David Rogers, head of the Orlando PHP User Group, will be presenting “Don’t work without a net!” at indieconf this year.  Listen to a sneak peek of David’s talk here, then get your indieconf ticket!

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Speaker Spotlight – Patrick O’Keefe

Patrick O’Keefe of the ifroggy network is joining us at indieconf again this year, and I had a chance to catch up with him to learn a bit more about his upcoming presentation.  Have a listen!

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Schedule is live!

Our schedule is live – have a peek and start planning your day!  Don’t forget your ticket!

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indieconf early bird 2 days left!

The indieconf early bird pricing of $129 will be over at the end of the day on Wed Nov 9 – get your tickets now :)

Note: you can select “pay at the door” and bring cash or a check if you’re not comfortable using your credit card over the web.  As safe as it generally is (we’ve trusted eventbrite with hundreds of transactions) some people prefer checks or cash – that’s fine too!

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Speaker Spotlight – Jared Richardson

Indieconf veterans will remember Jared from last year, but even if you couldn’t make it to indieconf, you’ve probably seen Jared on the conference circuit with No Fluff Just Stuff, or read one of his software management books (“Ship It!” is now in seven languages and continues to influence generations of software professionals of all backgrounds). Jared will be presenting “Public Speaking 101″ at indieconf this year – have a listen as Jared tells you why public speaking is important, and what you can do to improve your presentation.

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If one video summed up indieconf…

it would probably be this one. It’s not about the conference, but it’s a situation that we’ve all hit at one time or another, and speaks to some of the issues that’ll be discussed at the conference. Enjoy this gem if you haven’t seen it already :)

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Welcome to FreshBooks as an indieconf sponsor!

A big thank you to FreshBooks for returning as a sponsor this year. FreshBooks provides a great invoicing platform along with useful developer APIs to give great value to freelancers around the world.  FreshBooks is a great friend to meetups, conferences and groups all over, and we’re very glad they’ve included indieconf as a conference they support.

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